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Pegasus invested in Boston-based Affectiva through a venture capital fund managed by Pegasus and funded by Japan-based CAC Holdings under the “Venture Capital as a Service” model. CAC Holdings is a publicly traded systems integrator with customers in the financial services, technology, and pharmaceutical industries.


Affectiva is a market leader in the development of emotion recognition artificial intelligence technologies. Affectiva came out of MIT's Media Lab having developed software to recognize human emotions based on facial cues, speech or physiological responses. CAC and Affectiva successfully partnered to bring an emotional recognition solution to customers in Asia. With the help of CAC, Affectiva was able to penetrate the greater Asian market.


“Working with Pegasus enabled us to work with CAC and be introduced to a variety of their corporate partners throughout Asia,” said Rana el Kaliouby, CEO of Affectiva. “We continue to work closely with Pegasus as we work to implement our solution in the automotive industry.”

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