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In 2015, Pegasus invested in San Francisco-based Osaro through a venture capital fund managed by Pegasus and funded by Japan-based Innotech Corporation under the “Venture Capital as a Service” model. Innotech is a publicly listed systems integrator of advanced electronics operating in Asia.


Osaro is a fast-growing startup that is using artificial intelligence reinforcement learning technology for robotics applications in industrial environments. In 2015, Pegasus connected Osaro with Innotech, and Innotech began proof-of-concept (POC) testing for various pick-and-place applications in Japan. Their partnership has expanded ever since, with Osaro opening an office in Japan and Innotech building a new business division to support Osaro.


“Partnering with Innotech Corporation and Pegasus Tech Ventures has been critical for our international business expansion as well as for funding across multiple rounds of financing,” said Derik Pridmore, CEO of Osaro. “We look forward to continuing our growth together and highly recommend that fellow entrepreneurs establish similar win-win relationships between investors and corporations.”

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